Dancer Ji


Biswarup Dey Mukherjee

His life has been completely upended by dance. We can all agree that a person’s enthusiasm may propel them to success and inspire them to do amazing things. Sometimes, something that wasn’t part of our plan ends up being a great success. Nobody is any less ignorant of the truth that following one’s passion in life requires bravery. Similar circumstances befell Bengal-based Indian dancer Biswarup Dey Mukherjee, who has travelled and toured India in pursuit of his love. He began dancing when he was only 8 years old and has never looked back since then. He always gave the world of dancing his best effort. Realizing how hard it is to be a dancer, he has always worked hard to give best to the dancers so that the world can see the talent.

He, like any dancer, uses dance as a means of expression, and even he has found that dance has benefited him in ways that go beyond dancing. For him, dance serves as both a means of expression and a means of realizing his potential. His road to this point has not been any less difficult than everyone else’s. He realized as he grew older that there weren’t many options for dance in West Bengal, which was becoming a barrier in his path. He therefore made the difficult decision to leave West Bengal and began searching for chances all over the country. He eventually realized that everything was constrained and that the training needed was inadequate. But he didn’t let anything to simply derail his love of dance or his career trajectory of advancement in the dance industry. But he persisted in working hard, and his efforts paid off when, in 2017, he opened his own dance studio under the name of Biswarup Dance Studio. He also gave dancers everywhere a chance to showcase their skills by organizing the Extreme Dance Championship in Mumbai in 2018.

After Extreme Dance Championship, Biswarup realized that there is a wide gap between a dancers dream and the opportunities that they are provided with. He thought that he should bridge this gap and to achieve this, he launched Biswarup Studio which later was later renamed to Dancer Ji and today it has become a brand with premium quality infrastructure and various opportunities.

He has worked with big brands like PC Chandra Jewel, Allen Solly, Louis Philip, Pantaloons etc.


Dancer ji

Biswarup is building a community of dancers that is determined to bring talented dancers in stage and give them the recognition and opportunities that they deserve. The name of the organisation, Dancer Ji is simple yet powerful one. It is on the way to be India’s one of top dance organizations. They firmly believe in two things, the first one being infrastructure and the other one being opportunity. The infrastructure offered by Dancer ji is world class and they are, along with it, are known for their dedicated staff and training.

Their are various workshops that are organised by Dancer ji, choreography based on occasions and days like festival, event, etc. The quality of Dancer Ji is unparalleled and with building of this community they are making sure that no one is deprived of opportunities. Organizing Competition, traning from experts and from himself Biswarup Dey Mukherjee। They also conduct India tour pojects and shoot projects across country