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Ebar NachBe Bangla

The biggest dance project in Bengal, EBAR NACH BE BANGLA, was also held by him and his team. It was partnered with over 30 media outlets. They are giving dancers a platform where they can showcase themselves and have the opportunity to collaborate with them. ENBAR NACHBE BANGLA is a mission, not just a project. The goal is to create dance opportunities, dance infrastructure and dance culture.


Introducing Beswarup Dey Mukherjee

His life has been completely upended by dance. We can all agree that a person’s enthusiasm may propel them to success and inspire them to do amazing things. Sometimes, something that wasn’t part of our plan ends up being a great success. Nobody is any less ignorant of the truth that following one’s passion in life requires bravery.Similar circumstances befell Bengal-based Indian dancer Biswarup Dey Mukherjee, who has travelled and toured India in pursuit of his love. He began dancing when he was only 8 years old and has never looked back since then. He always gave the world of dancing his best effort. Realising how hard it is to be a dancer, he has always worked hard to give best to the dancers so that the world can see the talent

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